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Rich Kid Air Dry Cream


IGK Rich Kid coconut oil-infused gel is the foundation in creating the hydrated, lived in, undone hair of right now. Inspired by the international jet set kids, Rich Kid's moisturizing properties give you the hair you've always wanted.


    Air Dry:

    • Rub product between palms and over fingers.
    • When hair is almost dry, finger comb in from mid-lengths to ends.
    • Let hair air dry for easy, tousled texture.
    • For frizz-free waves, twist the hair in small sections and let the hair air dry. As hair dries, the twists will unravel and leave hair with a wavy texture.

    Blow Dry:

    • Rub product between palms.
    • When hair is almost dry, run product from mid-lengths to ends.
    • Blow dry in for style memory, shine and frizz-control.
    • Air Dry or Diffuse:

    • Start with Good Behavior 4-in-1 Prep Spray for extra definition.
    • Towel dry hair with a t-shirt or cotton towel. Be careful not to rub and cause frizz.
    • Mix Rich Kid Coconut Oil Air Dry Styler. For added moisture mix with Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm.
    • When hair is about 75% dry, work the mixture through hair, twisting and scrunching to encourage your natural texture.
    • Extra Tips:

    • For short hair or all-over hold – apply to damp hair and work from roots to ends. Will give a soft hold with shine.
    • For a piecey beach wave look or creating texture in a blowout – apply to your fingertips and brush lightly through the hair.
    • Apply just to ends for a detailed, piecey finish.
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