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Huile Cicaextreme Hair Oil

Huile Cicaextreme Hair Oil

SKU: 3474636948888

A lightweight, transparent oil to restore and strengthen damaged, lightened hair for increased softness, reduced frizz, and luxurious shine.

  • 98% stronger hair*
  • 80% less split ends*
  • 68% shinier hair**
  • 46% more conditioned hair*
  • Helps repair surface damage in one use
  • Reduces post-bleach sensitivity and hair porosity
  • 72h of frizz control*

Instrumental test after application of the tested with Huile Cicaextreme *vs non-conditioned shampoo **vs unwashed hair


    Best used on towel-dried hair before blow-dry or air-dry; as well as on dry hair. Apply 1-2 pumps to wet or dry hair, adjust for length and thickness. Distribute throughout lengths and ends of dry or towel-dried hair. For ultimate repair and hydration, apply after our 2% pure hyaluronic acid serum.

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