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Cash In Repair Serum


Significantly reduce breakage and repair damage at the source with this high-powered restorative serum. Boosted with clean, clinically-proven Vegan Silk and Biomimetic Bond-Building Technology to reduce breakage and increase strength from the inside out. A highly-concentrated, silicone-free serum that provides 11x softer* strands, with 88% split end sealing and 450°F degree heat protection.


    • Apply generously to clean damp hair. Can also be used on the ends of dry hair to seal help soften and seal split ends between washes.



    • VEGAN SILK EXTRACT: vegan protein derived from fermentation biotechnology that supports hair strength by forming a physical yet breathable layer of protection and support (Ingredient sourced from biotechnologically derived silk proteins.)
    • BIOMIMETIC BOND BUILDING TECHNOLOGY: naturally-derived peptide (aka a protein building block) that repairs and reseals damaged hair, restoring the look and feel of shiny, smooth, healthy tresses.
    • BAOBAB OIL: extracted from the “Tree of Life,” this oil restores moisture, strength, and reflective shine.
    • AMLA OIL: naturally derived from Indian gooseberry for deep moisture and to help seal the cuticle.
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