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Maybe coloring and hot tools have taken their toll on your hair, maybe its the postpartum hair loss that leaves you feeling less like yourself, maybe your hair has been consistently shedding after a sickness. Whatever it may be that is stealing your confidence  Hair Extensions are the perfect way to instantly add fullness and length back to your mane. At Fletcher and Gaines, we are certified in both BELLAMI Hair Extensions and JZ Styles Hair Extensions to offer you a wide range of colors and options.

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Step 1: Schedule a consult to discuss what you're looking to achieve 

Step 2: Determine the length and color to best fit your needs

Step 3: Go over pricing and maintenance

Step 4: Once your deposit is paid, your hair is ordered. The deposit is typically the cost of the hair

Step 5: Schedule your installation appointment 

Step 6: Relax and enjoy a beverage. You're on you way to a long, full mane.



Q: How is the hair attached?

A: A row of beads is placed in your natural hair then a weft of hair is sewn through that row. 

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Installation is $100 per row however the cost of the hair depends on the length of hair you decide on

Q: How many rows will I need?

A: Our rule of thumb is if you are looking for fullness you'll need 1-2 rows and if you are looking for length you will need 3 rows. 


Q: How long does the hair last?

A: With proper at home care, the hair can last for a full year. For maintenance, we recommend coming in every 6-8 weeks for a move up.


Q: Can the extensions be styled?

A: Absolutely, you can wash, blow dry and use hot tools just like you would with your natural hair


Q: Do they damage your natural hair?

A: With proper at home care, extensions can actually be really good for your natural hair. Extensions allow you to cut back on how often your shampoo your hair, encourage you to use quality hair products, require less color and need less frequent style so you'll be cutting back on the heat applied to your natural hair  


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