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OUR Roots

Something most people don't know is that our boutique salon in Landis actually opened in 2017 as Sweet Magnolia Beauties. This was Heather's very first salon she ever opened alongside her best friend since high school, Taylor. Together they took on weddings, events, and eventually took on motherhood. Taylor left to begin her newest adventure of being a stay at home mom to her two littles while Heather chased after a God-sized dream of opening a new salon in Downtown Kannapolis. There Heather met amazing people that created lifelong friendships, she grew her business knowledge and her skillset. Maven was beautiful with an incredible location but Landis seemed to always have her heart. After a year and half at Maven, God laid His plan heavy on Heather's heart and she returned to Landis. Heather simply couldn't use the Sweet Magnolia name without her best friend by her side so then began the biggest rebrand and renovations Landis has ever seen that created Fletcher and Gaines. Now Fletcher and Gaines is one of the top hair extension salons in the area with an award winning bridal team.






In early 2022, Heather and the Fletch Fam were given an amazing opportunity to move from their intimate 400 sq ft salon to a 3600 sq ft space just one door over. It's a crazy story that one day we promise to tell but just know that it was God 1000%. 

Where did The Name Come From? 


During a tough season of life, Heather's Mawmaw Lerline who is one of the greatest humans to walk this Earth randomly sent her a text that read:


“Arrows can only be shot by pulling them backwards. When life is dragging you back with difficulties it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming. Keeping your eyes on Jesus. Love you.”


That sweet little text meant a lot to Heather.


Fast forward a couple of months and Heather needed a name for the new salon. Something meaningful. She looked at her  Baby Name list the one she started at the age of 16 and could probably populate Ethiopia with the amount of names on there. The names Fletcher and Gaines just happened to be on top of one another and she really liked the way they sounded together so she googled the meanings just to be on the safe side. You really never know these days. The definitions were all she needed. Fletcher means maker of arrows and Gaines means to increase or succeed.


The short answer is that Fletcher and Gaines is named after Heather's Mawmaw as a tribute to all of her timely reminders throughout life.

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